I'm Wa!

Welcome to my world of thoughts. Most of the time, actually I'm just talking to myself. Oh ya, I love foods so much and I hope I can share some useful recipes in here besides my thoughts. Thank you for visiting!

About WA


WA exists from the combination of my initial and my father's initial. Also known as Eida Adie.

Born and raised in Miri, Sarawak. 
Did spend quite some time in few places in Peninsular Malaysia back in 2007 until early 2009.
Actually, I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do with my life. Still comprehending, to be exact. No wonder this blog named "WA Thought" because I think quite a lot. 
And mostly I thought about any possibilities that can happen in my life. 

At this point in life, I just want a happy life, good foods, any life experience that I will tell my future generation, and yeah, numbers in my bank like a phone number. 

Disclaimer: most of the things that I write/share here are random. Sometimes it's just me talking to myself. If any one of you ever feel hurt while reading whatever I've written, I am honestly, truly, sincerely sorry. 
We are all human beings and we'll sin differently.
Let's forgive each other so we can live in peace.