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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Which One Eh...?


First of all, Happy New Year to all Muslims
Today is the first day of 1435H year
So, I hope this year would be better than previous
Insya ALLAH...

Almost a week I've been here
At home, where I can do what I can't
And most important thing
I can eat whatever I want
Without worry

I can go anywhere with my sistas, my Mrs Ayahumi
And soon, Mr Ayahumi will join us here
Our house will be full house!!!
Yeay..!! hip-hip-hooray!!

Actually, tomorrow is my third sista's birthday
I would like to say Happy Birthday to her, in advance
But anyway, there is only few minutes before 6 Nov
Hope this year and at the 'new' age, you will achieve what you want
Aminn... Insya ALLAH

I'm planning to go out with some of my friends
But I don't even know who want to join me
Maybe only me, myself and I will go
That's sounds terrible and of course AWKWARD

Hmm... I'm hoping that I can get my new phone
I'm wishing for Xperia Z1

Z1 is so damn awesome
With 20.7 megapixel camera
By the way, the front camera really good
But it's price really makes my eyes... ufffhh

Anyway... if Mr Ayahumi didn't agree with Z1
I'll go with Xperia ZR

This ZR have 13.1 megapixel for its camera
The front camera was not good as Z1
Both of them are waterproof

Someone did ask me, "Are you gonna play your phone underwater or what?"
And I answered with that stupid you-asked-me-too-obvious kind of smile
Of course I'm not going to use my phone underwater
But just in case, okay.. IN CASE
In case someone slipped his cup on my phone
In that case, I wouldn't fear of anything

But whatever it is
I'm going with SONY for my new phone
I'll try not to buy Samsung (sorry...)
Because as I've seen, many peoples had used Samsung
Here and there, front and back
And I just don't want to use something that people usually use ~ececece!

Some did said, "Why don't you try LG then?"
"Or maybe iPhone because it is rare among IPTA students?"
For LG, I have my own reason(s)
One of my reason(s) is/are spare part for LG are so rare and it is hard to find

And for iPhone, I don't want people looked at me with *that* face
You know, "Wow, she must be so rich that she used an iPhone!"
I'm not that rich so I don't want people to stare at me like I'm the richest one
Oh, come on!

But if my Mr Ayahumi asked me as if I want iPhone
I'll go for iPhone 5s ~ohemji!!!!

It's price of course.. you know yourself
But Z1's price almost the same
Hmm... quite confusing...

Anyway.. that's all from me
Sorry for any crap
Phir milenge chalte chalte