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Monday, November 3, 2014

And Counting...


Last three days at Kuching.
Huuuu... Kinda sad actually.
Well, nothing lasts forever, right?
Who knows the beginning of good life soon will be revealed?
*hope so*

Next two days after tomorrow, I'm having my last paper.
My final last paper after two and half years being here.
And my friends has started to post 'I-am-gonna-miss-whatever' at most social media.
I did, too. *bluerrrkk*
So what? It's typical, I know.
But, sooner or later, we all gonna miss something that we used to not-really-like-it.

Basically, I'm little bit worried about the industrial training thingy.
Oh ALLAH, what am I gonna do for the whole 20 weeks of my industrial training???
Will I be able to complete all the tasks being given to me?
Seriously, it's freaking me out.

And after industrial training is done, I have to start worrying about something bigger.
Yup, looking for a job.
Ouch.. I know, it's hard and not gonna be easy with all the competition out there.
But at least when I have one full time and steady job, I'm ready to go to the next stage.

People around me keep asking me, what am I gonna do after finishing my diploma?
Am I going to continue my study or start working?
Hello guys, my finals isn't done yet.
So why bother thinking about something that we don't even know, right?
I mean, seriously, I still have to enjoy my three weeks of semester break.
And then I have to do my industrial training.
It's far further in the future, okayy...
So, chillax.
Let time decides for me.

But for the time being, for those who asking me about that kind of question.
I'd prefer to start working.
Why working with diploma?
Diploma is like SPM nowadays.

For your information, I said for the time being.
Clear enough?
Someone's told me that it ain't easy looking for a job nowadays and in future, I believe.
So, when you're getting hired by a company as their permanent staff
Why bother to sacrifice that opportunity?
I mean, you can continue your study while you're working, right?
Besides, you don't have to burden your parents or family about your study thingy.
It's all your responsibilities.
By the way, it's really tough competition out there, watch out!

But then again, it's all up to you.
It's your future.
And your decision will picture your future.
It's your life, anyway.
Stop asking people around bout what you gonna do, what you shouldn't do, 
what to wear, what to eat and whatsoever.
Screw what people say about your life.
They don't have the life they wanted it to be, that's why they keep judging and criticizing other's life.

Last but not least, don't stop praying.
Never stop believing in your God.
Whatever situation that you'll face, believe in HIM.
HE knows what to do and what the best for you.

Oh ya, some people did ask me if I'm getting married after finishing my diploma.
The answer is, naaahh..!
I'm still young and there's a lot of things I want to do other than stick to one person and his family.
Unless it's my call..! *evil laugh*
But when come to think about it, when I was a little girl
I wanted to make my wedding ceremony on this special date..
Which is six years away!
And I don't want to trouble my parents, my future husband and his family about my wedding.
I want it the way I imagine it would be.
Or at least I didn't have to suffer because of too many debts caused by the wedding ceremony.

I think it's a wrap.
See you soon, homie..
Sorry for anything that may hurt you.
Phir milenge chalte chalte.